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Someone Else’s Summer – Rachel Bateman

About a sister who is lost when her older sister dies, until she stumbles upon a bucket list and decides to honor her sister by having the best summer ever. Publication is scheduled for spring 2017.

I really, really enjoyed and liked this book. What I mainly liked about it was the realism. To me, in most books that usually deal with losing a loved one (like a sibling), all it takes is falling in love for them to magically forget their grief. Their grief only comes out here and there, like a “oh, yeah, that should also happen,” but this story doesn’t do that. The death of Anna’s sister Storm compels her to go on this journey in figuring out her sister, herself, and trying to sort through the grief and to learn if she’ll ever be able t0 – or even want to – move on and live her life as fully as her sister once did. Anna’s grief follows her everywhere and within everything she does. This doesn’t make the book depressing though, it’s not all constant tears and dark thoughts, rather I think that we see Anna grieve in a good way. It’s a more on-point representation than I’ve read in the past, like I’ve previously said. She doesn’t fall in love and magically forget about her sisters death, and I really liked that.
But I did find some issues with it. This book was so cute and adorable and I did really like Cameron, but sometimes he felt a bit too plain. His character wasn’t really developed, and we didn’t really know much about him other than he lived next door and was Storms best friend. This book had lots of potential to develop other interesting dynamics, but it just fell short. For example, with Anna – she sometimes felt like the 3rd wheel to Storm and Cameron, and that’s why she did the stuff she wanted to do (even though really, she didn’t want to) but this was only said, not really built upon. If it was, we could’ve connected more to her character, and to Storm’s, if we were able to feel the pain/regret at how separated they had become. Also, sometimes things felt too perfect: want to crash a wedding?? Well guess what? The hotel your staying at is hosting a wedding, yeah, no freaking way! So yeah, sometimes it felt a bit too clean and polished, with how perfectly things lined up for them, which took away from it being more realistic, grounded – and dare I say took away the potential for it to be more emotional – because everything was working out okay, really smoothly.

But overall, I really loved and enjoyed this book. I liked how it showed the grieving process, and while I had my issues with it (like Piper. I thought I liked her, but no) I still found it really enjoyable and would recommend it. It has a nice romance, but also tells the story of a young girl, who not only lost her sister, but lost her on way in life and is trying desperately to find it.

I have some favourite quotes, but I’m going to check them against the published edition when that’s released 😛 thank you Netgalley/the publisher for giving this to me in exchange for an honest review 🙂



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