Hi my name is Gabby. I like to describe myself as an “avid tv watcher, book reader, and caffeine drinker who does pointless quizzes on the internet” and I think that pretty much sums me up. On the occasion I also like to write. If you can’t tell, I’m crappy at writing about me’s as I never know what to put. Hopefully you’ll get to know me better by reading through my blog posts πŸ™‚

I love reading fantasy books (in fact, it’s most likely my favourite among the genres I do like), and books with time-travel, books with heists and thieves, and books with all sort of bad-assery. I also enjoy contemporary books, and some books based in historical times, and some SCI-FI. But overall, if a book sounds interesting and captivating enough, I’ll read it. Β I mainly read Young Adult Novels, but I find these days that I’m exploring middle-grade novels and some more adult books. But once again, if the book sounds good and appealing, I’m going to read it.

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