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Half way through my Goodreads reading challenge!

At the beginning of this year I once again put upon myself the challenge of reading 100 books this year. For the last couple of years I’ve tried, and I’ve fell short. This year though, I am determined to make it.

I’m happy to say I’m now halfway through my challenge, now having read 50 out of 100! I’m very pleased with this, but…this means I’ve got 50 books left to read in 3 months. Yep. (This reminds me a lot of the glass half empty/half full situation). 50 whole books to read in 3 months. I mean, if we add the 7 books I’ve re-read this year, that only leaves me with 43. But nope, I’m not counting re-reads. I’m going for this full throttle (God help me, please).

I’d also planned to read so much this summer and catch up on my challenge, but once again, nope. That didn’t work out. But there’s still 3 months left, and whether I make it or not, I’ve read some pretty damn good books this year (and some not so good, but let’s not talk about them).

How far are you all on your reading challenges, and what have been your favourite books you’ve read this year?

To see what books I’ve read this year, come find me on Goodreads! (If you have problems sending me a friend request, then let me know and I’ll send one over to you).