I’ve always wanted to keep a journal. I’ve tried so many times over the years, and I’ve always failed.But this time I’m not going to put any limitations or anything on it. This “journal” is just going to be a place where I state some of my reading aims, writing goals, and other book-ish related stuff. Don’t worry, it’s not a journal were I’m detailing every part of my day from what I had for breakfast to dinner (spoiler: I don’t eat breakfast). Much like the book reviews page, I will link in the journal posts so they’re easy to find. πŸ™‚

Post 1:Β 30/05/2016

Post 2: 04/06/2016Β (Sarah J Maas is going to KILL me

Post 3:Β 19/07/2016Β (Reading Slumps!)