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My TBR for this week! (27/01/2020)

Hi everyone! I have currently got quite a few books on the go, and I lot I want to start and finish this week. I love a list, and I love crossing things off of it, so I thought hey…why not make a TBR list? Might give me some more motivation! Then again, tbr’s usually don’t work for me because I’m a giant mood reader (who is also addicted to watching tv and taking naps) so the mood I’m in always dictates what I read. However, I usually have a list of what I want to read, but whether my mood lets me get to it is a different story…


The first book on my tbr is

Frankissstein: A Love Story by Jeanette Winterson


I need to finish this book next week, as we will be discussing it in my Contemporary fiction class at uni. This novel follows two timelines: Mary Shelley’s timeline, as she writes Frankenstein; and the timeline/perspective of Ry, in Brexit Britain. I’m not very far in to this, each time I pick it up I only manage a few pages, and then I get distracted and ultimately put it down. The writing style was fine, even fun, at first. But now I’m finding myself increasingly irritated with it (such as the classic speech marks, when a character talks). I am debating not finishing it.

The second book on my tbr for this week is

Bright Air Black by David Vann

bright air black

I’m writing my dissertation on modern retellings of Greek myths. I have two texts that I am solid on, but have been debating my third, and potential fourth text. So, I decided to pick this one up. Much like Frankissstein, this is not written in the ‘normal’ form of narration you’d find in a novel, but instead is styled in poetic prose. I am really enjoying it – again, I’m finding it hard to sit down and concentrate for long periods of time, as while I like the style sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. I’m hoping to finish it this week, as I am aiming to write a chapter on this.

My third book on my tbr is a book I picked up to read last night

One Of Us Is Next – Karen M. McManus

One of Us is Next FINAL cover.indd

I’ve read both of McManus’s previous releases, One Of Us Is Lying and Two Can Keep A Secret. I was not a big fan of either novel, I gave One Of Us Is Lying 3 stars, and Two Can Keep A Secret 2 stars. They were not dreadful novels, but I ultimately found them underwhelming. So why am I reading this?? I don’t know. I think it’s because I do get some entertainment value out of them – mostly because I push on reading to prove that I am right in my ridiculous theories…

Finally, by the end of the week I am hoping to start

A Heart So Fierce and Broken – Brigid Kemmerer

a heart so fierce and broken

I’m planning on reading this the first week of February with my friends in my Goodreads book group, A Book Nirvana. We read the first one together last year, so have planned a buddy read! I would say I’m excited to read this one, but I’ve seen some spoilers and I’m not liking the direction this novel seemed to go in. But I haven’t read it yet, so we shall see!


That is my tbr for this week, starting 27th of January! What are your current reads? Books on your tbr? 🙂



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