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The Places I’ve Cried in Public – Holly Bourne

Amelie loved Reese. And she thought he loved her. But she’s starting to realise love isn’t supposed to hurt like this. So now she’s retracing their story and untangling what happened by revisiting all the places he made her cry.

Because if she works out what went wrong, perhaps she can finally learn to get over him.

I was super-lucky and managed to win this in a raffle at YALC!

I honestly do not know how to express what I’m feeling without spoiling the book. But alas, I’ll try. I’ve seen so many other reviews of this label the book as ‘important’ and I 100% agree. This is a must-read. It wonderfully articulates what a toxic, abusive relationship is like and how easy it is for the abuser to manipulate and control someone and make them think that it’s love.

I felt so incredibly frustrated, sad, angry – SO! MANY! EMOTIONS! – at things that happened in this book. I wanted to scream at Amelia that he was manipulating her, to sit her down and tell her THAT IS NOT ROMANTIC, AMELIA. IT’S ABUSIVE. And what I LOVED was that the book made clear what these things were. There was no romanticising of it, even if past/loved-up Amelia did. Because the future/present her – who narrated in between the snippets – made that clear as did her friends and her therapist.

I feel like there’s a lot more I want to say and divulge in to, but I need time to gather my thoughts – so I will leave it here. But I will definitely be recommending this book.



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