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Aru Shah and the Song of Death – Roshani Choksi

Aru is only just getting the hang of this whole Pandava thing when the Otherworld goes into full panic mode. The god of love’s bow and arrow have gone missing, and the thief isn’t playing Cupid. Instead, they’re turning people into heartless fighting-machine zombies. If that weren’t bad enough, somehow Aru gets framed as the thief. If she doesn’t find the arrow by the next full moon, she’ll be kicked out of the Otherworld. For good.

But, for better or worse, she won’t be going it alone.

Along with her soul-sister, Mini, Aru will team up with Brynne, an ultra-strong girl who knows more than she lets on, and Aiden, the boy who lives across the street and is also hiding plenty of secrets. Together they’ll battle demons, travel through a glittering and dangerous serpent realm, and discover that their enemy isn’t at all who they expected.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death is a fabulous read, and a successful sequel. We once again find Aru Shah in a bit of a dilemma, having been accused of stealing the bow and arrow that is responsible for creating an army of undead…

She’s tasked, along with her best friend and Pandava sister Mini, as well as newcomers Brynne and Aiden, in retrieving the bow and arrow in 10 days or they’ll be outcast from the Otherworld for good…

And what an adventure it was! I loved the new additions of Brynne and Aiden. They worked well to balance out the Mini-Aru pairing, and it was interesting to see the new friendship dynamics between them all. With these new characters, Chokshi juxtaposed them to each other in order to explore their backstories deeper – and to flesh out the story of the Pandava’s, and the myths surrounding them.

This had some really epic moments, humour, the friendship and comradery was great (and I loved how it evolved through the book as they got to know each other more).

So this worked as great book, and as a sequel. It was able to further the themes from the first book, will continually evolving and developing the plot as a whole. I’m excited to read the third.




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