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January 2019: Reading Wrap Up!

Hi everyone! It’s not very often I do a reading wrap up – I mostly always aim to, then I procrastinate, then I forget, and before I know it it’ll be eight months through the year so I’m like well, no point now! So I would like to aim to do one of these every month. While I do have my Goodreads reading challenge and shelves to help me keep track, it could be cool/interesting to have a month-to-month breakdown of the books I’ve read and whether or not it was an enjoyable reading month.

For all of these books this month, I do have reviews for on Goodreads and some on my blog – just click the name of the book to be taken to those reviews, if you’re interested.

  1.  Aru Shah and the End of Time – Roshani Choksi  (Jan 1st to Jan 2nd, 3/5 stars)

This was the first book I read in 2019, and I really enjoyed it! I’m not sure what quite made me pick this up; I’ve had this book on my shelves for what seems like forever, and I was in a middle grade / mythology mood. I’ve been avoiding reading the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series, so I thought I’d give this a go. I really enjoyed it! This is not typically an area of mythology that I find myself reading about, but it was a nice change. An entertaining, quick read, that I immediately pre-ordered the sequel.

2. Crushed: A Hockey Love Story – Brit DeMille (Vegas Crush #1)  (Jan 8th/Jan 9th, 1/5 stars)

Oh, this was disappointing. The year had gotten off to such a promising start with Aru Shah and this was a major let down. I love my NA hockey player novels, so was excited when my friend Sam sent this to me as she had seen it online and thought I may like it. Well, we both thought wrong. This was a very unmemorable novel, but what I can remember was that it needed a new editor for all the grammatical mistakes, and for someone to tell DeMille…no. The writing was cringey, some of the characterisations laughable, and there was such a lack of strong plot. I’m still mad that I paid money for this.

3. Queen of Air and Darkness – Cassandra Clare (Jan 11th to Jan 13th, 4/5 stars)

THIS WAS DELIGHTFUL. I am in shock for multiple reasons. One, at how good this is. Two, that we are reading a story about adult Julian and Emma, and the original TMI gang being adults, and wow. I’ve been a Shadowhunters fan for practically a decade now, and even when I’ve thought I would get tired of it, I haven’t. These are such enjoyable books and I love the characters and the twists and turns. I’m happy I stopped avoiding this book (I was scared of the ending, and the page count was daunting!) because I loved it so much and wish I could read it again for this first time.

4. I Was Born For This – Alice Oseman (Jan 14th/15th, 4/5 stars)

I had heard so many positive things about Alice Oseman that I finally ordered one of her novels. So one night I’m sitting in bed, contemplating what to read, and I think ah, screw it, I’ll pick this up. It had arrived in the post about a week earlier and was just sitting there, staring at me, tempting me. I was like okay, I want to try and get back into a regular sleeping pattern, so I’ll read a couple chapters of this to get in to it and relax and then I’ll go to sleep. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. I read one chapter, then two, then three, then four, and the next thing I know I’m finishing the book. I DEVOURED THIS WITHIN A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!! I didn’t want to put it down. This was a very interesting, complex, personal read. It’s mostly character driven rather than plot driven. I had a few issues with it which is why it is not five stars (bit slow, ended suddenly, etc) but overall I really liked this.

5. Dumplin – Julie Murphy (Jan 16th, 3/5 stars)

Oh…this is what disappointment smells like, huh? I remember when this first came out and there was such a hype surrounding it. I wanted this book SO bad but it was always so expensive. And then the hype died down, the books price lowered, and I was like…eh. But then the film came out!!!! And I’m sure, like a lot of you reading this, like to read the book before the film. So. The trailer looked good. I was excited. So out I went and got the book!!!! And oh…sadness. This just dragged along, hyping up a pageant which happened in like 10 pages, and then…ended. I turned the page and was convinced someone had ripper out the last chapter. This wasn’t a terrible book, just very underwhelming.

6. Serious Moonlight – Jenn Bennett   (Jan 19th, 4/5 stars)

I was VERY excited to receive this ARC from Netgalley as I love Jenn Bennett, she’s an auto-buy author for me! I was a bit disappointed by her last release, Starry Eyes, but this novel did everything that novel did badly better. GOD I LOVE THIS!!!! Such an enjoyable, cute, lovely, fun book!!!! I love it. 

7. Overnight Sensation – Sarina Bowen (Jan 24th, 4/5 stars)

MY SECOND HOCKEY ROMANCE NOVEL THIS MONTH AND IT WAS FABULOUS. I have read Sarina Bowen before, on the recommendation of my friend Nkisha, and she has definitely become an author whose novels I’m excited to read more of. An enjoyable NA read.





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2 thoughts on “January 2019: Reading Wrap Up!

    1. Thank you! I hope you do pick it up and enjoy it! I was equally excited and apprehensive but I’m glad I did. Maybe this will make sense once you’ve read it, but for me it gave me a sort of nostalgic feeling – it reminded me so much of when I first read TMI and enjoyed it. Basically it really solidified how much I love this Shadowhunters universe, and never seem to tire!!!! That’s not to say the book is perfect, it certainly has it ???? moments, but my god, I just really enjoyed reading it and I hope you’ll have the same experience.

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