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Netgalley Reviews. . .I’m so behind!

Gah, the title of this blog post says it all, doesn’t it? I, Gabby, am a massive failure when it comes to keeping up with the books I’ve been given on Netgalley to review. And it sucks so much, because I’ve had the privilege of having these books given to me, for free, usually before publication…and I’ve done nothing. Just left them sitting their in my kindle app on my iPod waiting to be read and reviewed. I’m so sorry, books.

I find one part that’s aided this is that I’m not really a big kindle reader. I love a good physcial book, but I’m not opposed to e-books (especially not when they’re, you know, free, and ahead of the release date!). I just think I have to be in the mood for them.

Secondly, I’ve been swamped with school. AS Levels/A Levels are a pain. Tons and tons of work goes into them, with long hours of teaching, homework, coursework, and stressing on the side. E-books got pushed further and further down the pecking line, unfortunately.

BUT, there’s still a good three months left of this year, and I’m making it my mission to try to catch up on my netgalley reviews. That’s my new years resolution, you can see it as 9 months late, or 3 months early. Either way, that’s my goal.

Are any of you drastically behind on anything like me? A TV show? TBR pile? School work?


(P.S: Watch Stranger Things, give into the hype)



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3 thoughts on “Netgalley Reviews. . .I’m so behind!

  1. Wait for it…..
    I’m also behind on my Netgalley eARCs. For months I’ve been saying I’m going to catch up… This summer was meant to be about catching up… Yeah that didn’t happen 😂


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