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04/06/2016 (Sarah J Maas is going to kill me)

Hello, book-a-holics! Yup, I’m still trying to come up with a cool way of starting a post, and I’m still very much failing.

I finished A Court of Mist and Fury today, and wow. I have been broken, ripped apart, broken some more, put back together, and trampled all over again. I’ve read all of Sarah J Maas’s published books – 7 novels – and I’m still not prepared for all the feels that she inflicts on to me.

Gah. I also had a fun thought, of what it would be like to have Rhysand and Celaena in a room together. Add in Rowan, Feyre and it would be one hell of a party. Let’s not bring in Manon and the rest of Rhysand’s court…it could very likely end up in a bloodbath. If it doesn’t, it would still be one hell of a night to remember.

I’m in the mood to read, but the problem is I’m in the mood to read more ACOMAF, but…well, it’s finished. And I’m impatiently waiting for the 3rd book.

That’s me for today. I’m going to leave before this post because even more of an incoherent mess because I have very limited self-control when it comes to holding in ones feelings.

Hope you all have a good day!

And if you’ve read ACOMAF…I am sending you prayers in this torment.


P.S: ACOMAF is advertised as Young Adult, but wow. Some of those scenes I definitely haven’t seen in Young Adult books. They’re very graphic, and detailed. I don’t think Outlander even goes into that much detail. Do you think they should change what audience these books are marketed towards to?




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